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About South Street

Our Story

Welcome to the rebirth of Charlottesville’s longest-running brewery and pub! South Street Brewery was purchased in 2014 by Blue Mountain Brewery, whose owners have a deep connection with this storied brewing establishment. Two of Blue Mountain’s founders—Mandi and Taylor Smack—both worked for South Street over a decade ago, Taylor having been the brewer from late 2001 until early 2007. Our company is committed to maintaining and revitalizing this important Charlottesville landmark and gathering place.

We hope you enjoy our expanded beer offerings, including venerated South Street originals that helped shape the Central Virginia beer scene, as well as new beers reflecting the diversity and experimentation that is the heart of American craft brewing.

Our new food offerings lean heavily toward local artisans—from beef to bread, from tofu to produce and everything in between—reflecting our belief that Charlottesville, Virginia is the best place on Earth to live, drink and eat!




Serving Lunch and Dinner
7 Days a Week
11AM - 1AM